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The YMCA Conference on National Affairs is the highest honor that a Tennessee Delegate can achieve. The top 25 delegates from the state are selected by a committee during the two Youth in Government conferences. These delegates are the best from the conferences not only in presentation and statesmanship, but also in overall attitude, adherence to the conference rules, as well as parliamentary procedure knowledge and debate skill. Once the delegates are selected, they are invited to join other statesmen from throughout the country for a week-long conference of ideas, where the nation's future leaders come together to share their ideas for strengthening America at the beautiful Black Mountain, North Carolina Blue Ridge Retreat Center. Once on the mountain, participants will catch the "Blue Ridge Spirit." Don't worry, this isn't an infectious disease, it is the sense of respect that the delegates have for one another as they share their ideas to further strengthen the nation and promote the development of democratic ideals throughout the world. The delegates promote their ideas by writing national level proposals and presenting them at the conference as they work to pass the proposals through the various committees, similar to the committee process in the state conference. Tennessee has an outstanding record at the conference and has achieved Premier Delegation for the past several years.

Ryan Ray, Former Governor from the 2010 Conference B Youth in Government Conference, was selected to be a Presiding Officer for the 2011 Conference on National Affairs. Only four Presiding Officers are selected from all of the states attending the conference. Ryan attended Brentwood Academy and will be attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville for college.


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