Plan Padrino Donations

Public Education in Colombia is not free at any level. The Plan Padrino Project was created to help give children a chance to continue their education despite the dire economic conditions that their families face. You can find out about exactly how Plan Padrino works in the About Us section of this site.

All donations are tax deductible, as the YMCA of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization.

100% of your donations will be wired directly to Ibague, Colombia in order to fund the students in the school.

You can donate any amount, and you can sponsor a child for only $150 for the year.

If you would like more information please email us by going to the contact page.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check made out to Tennessee CCE (in the memo section please mark "For Plan Padrino"

and send it to:

Attn: Susan Moriarty
Tennessee Youth in Government: Plan Padrino
1000 Church St.
Nashville, TN 37203

Please include your name and email address if you would like confirmation that your donation has been received and to receive a receipt of your donation.

Whether you donate $1 or $500, every bit adds up and can help to give the children of Ibague hope in the future and a chance at living a more fulfilling life.

Here are the stories of two of the children sponsored by the program that otherwise would have been trapped in the cycle of poverty:

My name is Deissy Lorena Acosta. I am 17 years old and I have been sponsored by the Plan Padrino for three years. I was born in a very poor family and to be able to study my parents have had to work very hard for little money. Once I was at school crying because I did not have money to pay for the school fees. I felt I was no longer able to study and complete my year. Hopeless and desperate, I knew my parents did not have the money for it, but an angel came that day to me. She was a YMCA volunteer who told me about Plan Padrino and made me see a light again. This has changed my entire life because now I know that I can keep studying and reach higher and dream bigger. I have a goal in life: to build a better future for my family and for myself. This is my last year, I am about to finish High School and I can only feel in heart joy for being blessed with your help. Thank you all and God bless your generous hearts.

I am Carlos Andres Delgado. I am 15 years old. I have been sponsored by Plan Padrino for 3 years. Since I was a child I had to work very hard because my mother is a single woman and what she makes washing clothes is not enough to cover all of the expenses we have so I have been working cleaning graves and selling flowers in the Cemetery of my city. I also worked at the market helping to unload trucks. At the moment I am going onto 9 th grade and I belong to many YMCA after school activities. I feel that I have a better future. I want to help my mother with my siblings. I want them to grow up in a better environment than the one I have grown up in. I want her to feel proud of me. I am very grateful for your sponsoring during all these years. I can tell you that I feel ready to be both my mom's and your pride.


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