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Plan Padrino is a program sponsored by the YMCA of Ibague, Colombia that has teamed up with the Tennessee Center for Civic Engagement Program of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee in order to sponsor impoverished school age children in the village of Ibague, Colombia who are willing to work hard, and wish to achieve success in school.  This program empowers the students to continue their education, as education is not free in Colombia, and learn skills, such as English, that will hopefully allow them to overcome the cycle of poverty inherent in Colombia, as well as help to provide for their families.

Furthermore, we have an exchange program in which students sponsored by the Plan Padrino Project come to Nashville to join us for the Model United Nations conferences in the fall to learn about our culture and meet our students. It is our hope that this coming summer, we will be able to take a group of students to Ibague to learn more about their culture and more about the Plan Padrino Project and its impact.

This site is dedicated to helping these children have a voice and communicating their needs to the world. You will find photographs and stories of the children who have been helped, and those who are still in need of your sponsorship. If you are unable to provide financial assistance to a child, they would love for you to become a pen pal so they can practice their English skills as you communicate through email. If you need assistance or would like to find out how you can become involved in the program or go with us to Ibague, please go to our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.


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