Plan Padrino Pen Pals

If you would like to practice your Spanish communication skills while allowing the Plan Padrino kids to practice their English Communication Skills, then this is the place for you.

Simply fill out our Pen Pal request, and we will do our best to pair you with a student in Ibague so that you may communicate via email.

Please remember that this is not a 21st century classroom, there is only one computer in the school, so you will need to be patient when corresponding with your pen pal. Also, due to the communication network structure in Colombia, these emails are not private, so please do not share any information that you would not wish others to view.

We hope that you will sign up and brighten a child's day while honing your Spanish and helping a child to hone his or her English skills.



Full Name:

Last Name (again):

Location (City, State):


Grade (n/a) if not in school:


Please indicate your skill level in the Spanish Language
No Experience
Some Experience
Moderate Experience


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