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Welcome to the Press / Department of Public Information

Welcome to the Press Corps of the second largest Youth In Government program in the nation. We are one component of the larger Center for Civic Engagement conferences, and are responsible for reporting on conference events and current happenings during the conferences. We have two sub components: video press and print press.

Print Press

The Print Press is half of the Press Corps and is responsible for printing the conference newspaper. The conference newspaper focuses on conference events while incorporating broader world events as well. The conference newspapers, "The Ledger" for Youth in Government and "Y in the World" for the Model United Nations program, are published about twice a day per conference day. The issues focus on candidate profiles for upcoming elections, recent happenings within the conference, world issues and notable legislation moving through the chambers. The papers also include relevant information to the delegates such as dining suggestions and themes for the conference dance. The Print Press is the pulse of the conference and works to deliver the information delegates need to know in an efficient format.

Print Platforms

The Print Press functions with several Think Pads for individual story composition, and a new iMac complete with Adobe Creative Suites 5 for the construction and formatting of the paper. The individual press members go out into the field and collect their notes, and then come back to write their complete story. After their stories have been reviewed, the editor then formats them and puts them into the paper which is then sent to the actual press for print and later distribution to the delegates. The current publications are black and white, but do include photographs taken by the Corps members and then edited for reproduction in the black and white format. The conference paper comes out daily during the conference.

Video Press

The Video Press component is the newest addition to the Corps. With our recent equipment upgrades, we are now functioning on a professional level to produce news broadcasts every evening. Our broadcasts are looped on the conference hotel's closed circuit TV systems until the next broadcast is published. The Video Press reports on the happenings of the conference while incorporating world events into the newscast. The Corps goes out into the various components to conduct interviews and provide highlights of the happenings of the day every evening in an in depth newscast. Students will have the chance to work with field interviews,video editing, sound engineering, lighting, filming, anchoring, and photography. The Video Press combines video journalism with a conventional newscast to provide in depth coverage of the conference to the delegates every evening.

Video Platforms

The Video Press functions with a new iMac complete with full hardware upgrades and Final Cut Studio for all of our newscast presentation editing. We currently Nikon cinematic solutions and professional wireless microphones to ensure only the highest quality footage is incorporated into our newscasts. When combined with our professional set complete with backdrops and green screen technology, these elements help the Corps to deliver a high quality newscast in a professional format.

Information for Corps Members

Press is a competitive component in which to be accepted. Please be sure to put effort into your applications. Due to the competitive nature of the corps, applications are due before other components, and if you do not get into the corps, it is still possible for you to apply to be in a chamber. On the Download Forms pages on the left navagation bar you will find press applications for each conference. The applications cover your specific skills and interests, and will be used to determine who will be in the corps and what position they will hold. Please be honest when filling out your application; a more impressive application may not get you the job you want, and overstating one's abilities will result in a pressure filled conference.

You must fill out and submit the entire application if you want to be a member of the press.

You are also responsible for a preliminary assignment that must be turned in before you attend the Conference.

If you are not willing to work hard throughout the conference please do not apply to be in the press. Press members are responsible for all of the duties associated with the position assigned to them, and if members repeatedly fail to complete assignments, they may be sent home. Don't let this scare you away from applying, however, as assignments are tailored to the individual's specific skill set, and no member will be given more than they can handle.

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