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In order to upload your resolution, you should type it out in a document first to avoid losing your work. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this system. You can find out if you have JavaScript enabled by scrolling to the bottom of this page. If the page says "You need JavaScript enabled to submit your resolution" then you do not have JavaScript enabled and should not attempt to use this form because it will not work until you have enabled JavaScript. For more information on enabling JavaScript click here.

You should fill out the Student Names fields with the names of your team members. Click the blue Add Student link under the field to add each additional member's name. You should limit teams to 3 members and not add more than 5 members to a team in any circumstance.

Select your school, country, and committee from the drop down boxes. Then type the topic of your resolution (This should be a more specific description of the subject of your resolution).

Copy the entire body of your resolution (NOT including the topic, student names etc)

The first few paragraphs provide the reasons and justifications for the resolution. They may include goals, purposes, historical perspectives and existing policies relevant to the issue. Supporting facts and details are also good to put in this section. These sections start with a clause such as "Noting, Alarmed, Whereas, etc." Each clause should be its own paragraph.

After giving background information, put your action statement in the form of "The delegation of "Your Country Name" does hereby:". This should be its own paragraph

Next put in the operative section. This section should make a recommendation for action or state a favorable or unfavorable opinion concerning an existing situation. The resolution may REQUEST action by member states, the Secretariat or by other bodies of the United Nations. The clauses in this section typically begin with the words "Request, Urge, Recommend, or Call upon" and each of these clauses should be its own paragraph.

You are now ready to submit your resolution. Good work and don't forget your position papers.

Example of Resolution

First Paragraph:"Whereas: the Nation of A is in dire need of water."
Second paragraph: "Noting: There is plenty of water in Nation B."
Third Paragraph: "The Nation of A does hereby:"
Fourth Paragraph:"Request: Nation B give us water."
Fifth Paragraph:"Urge the UN to form a committee to discuss water in the area"
Sixth Paragraph:"Reccommend: 1 Million Dollars be spent on this research"

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