Students wishing to serve in the executive branch may apply for a position in the Governor's Cabinet, provided they have served in the legislative branch at a prior conference. One student will be assigned to serve as commissioner of each department of state government (i.e. Commission of General Services, etc.) Students serving on the governor's cabinet WILL NOT spend time in the house or senate.

Please make certain students understand their time at the conference will be spent meeting with fellow cabinet members and the governor. The Governor's Cabinet consists of the Governor and the Commissioners of each Department, who act as advisers to the Governor. The Cabinet is not a legislature; Commissioners do not have votes, nor do they present, speak, or debate like representatives in the legislature. Similarly, they do not write bills or introduce legislation.

This year at the conference, in order to make this component more like its real-world counterpart, Commissioners are going to be called upon to thoroughly research their Departments and act as expert advisers to the Governor about the programs and funding in their Departments. They will be actively engaged in the budget process during the entire conference.

In addition, the pre-conference assignment for Commissioners will no longer be "Proposals for Action", but rather a summary of research on their Departments along with suggestions for how to optimize their programs and funding. More details about this assignment will be sent out prior to the conference. Members of the Cabinet can expect to be a very integral part of their chamber, contribute often to the discussion, and learn a lot about the executive branch of government and the budget process. If you do not submit this pre-conference assignment, you will not be able to serve on the Cabinet. The GC will also hear from bill sponsors as a bill moves through its path on the way to law, and they will help the governor decide whether or not the bill should become law. Commissioners will also have the opportunity to meet with their real Tennessee state government counterparts, schedule permitting. Students wishing to serve on the GC MUST complete & return the GC application. Once delegates have been assigned to a department, they will be receiving additional communication from us about their counterpart meetings, etc.

Governor's Cabinet Registration Form

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Any delegates wishing to be a member of the Governor's Cabinet MUST complete this registration form. Assignments will be made on a first-come,first-serve basis by application. Preference will be given to candidates with strong descriptive paragraphs concerning their positions. Please be sure to submit these registrationforms ASAP, as only the first 22 delegates making application will be assigned a position.

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By clicking the box below, all delegates listed on this registration form certify they will attend the Youth in Government Conference. Should any delegate choose to withdraw their registration after the Final Deadline, he or she is responsible for the $175 delegate fee (as well as any additional school fees) or for finding a substitute.

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