YIG Tristar Lobbyist Registration Form

Delegates wishing to work with the legislative branch, but not wishing to serve as senators or representatives have the option of registering as lobbyists, provided they have served in the legislative branch at a prior conference (i.e. freshmen are not eligible). Lobbyists will be divided into lobbying firms and will undergo intensive teambuilding training on Thursday night. Friday morning, firms will be “hired” to lobby for or against particular bills being considered, and they will follow the bills throughout the conference, lobbying their position to any branch of government they choose. Lobbyists are charged with shedding light on facts, ideas, and opinions that support their position in an attempt to influence decision making in state government. LIMIT 2 PER SCHOOL.


Any delegates wishing to be a member of the Lobbyist component MUST complete this application by the Priority Deadline. Positions in the component will be awarded based on the quality of the application. Please ensure that you use a valid email address or you will be unable to receive information regarding your application. Assignments are awarded the day following the Priority Deadline.

NOTE: Please use the following format for phone numbers: (123)SPACE456-7890

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Essay question: Please briefly argue two opposing sides of a subject that your top firm choice would cover. Each side should use between 150-300 words.


By clicking this box, all delegates listed on this registration form certify they will attend the Youth in Government Conference. Should any delegate choose to withdraw their registration after the Final Deadline, he or she is responsible for the $175 delegate fee (as well as any additional school fees) or for finding a substitute.

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