MS Nashville 3 YIG Conference Material Status

Below you are able to see which bills have been uploaded for the Youth in Government Conference. Use Ctrl + F to find your school. If you notice an error, please email Tyler Dorr

School Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Bill
Greenbrier Middle School Cooper CampbellHouse
Greenbrier Middle School Cheyenne CurrySenate
East Robertson Middle School Aliani TimmermeierHouse
Greenbrier Middle School Ryan MolesAidan RaymerSenate
Tipton Christian Academy Katie CarterFaith WhiteSenate
Tipton Christian Academy Anna Brooke CarlisleMicah HaimesWhitten MatthewsSenate
Tipton Christian Academy Mattie BridgesNoelle FloresCarter ColtraneHouse
Page Middle School Adam CurwenSiddhant PawaHouse
Page Middle School Evan HoltzSreenesh AlluHouse
Springfield Middle School Addie CookAbby HopperAlex MartinezHouse
Springfield Middle School Brynlee MasseyEvan MasseyCameron FranklinHouse
Harding Academy Drew McDonaldJ.D. CodispotiHouse
Harding Academy Max BoylanPrice BuschmannSenate
Harding Academy Caroline ThomasSemipe AdejumobiHouse
Harding Academy Caroline ThomasSemipe AdejumobiHouse
Harding Academy Sara HackettCarter FloydHouse
Harding Academy Bernardo BarbalatDylan DrakeSenate
Harding Academy Ethan SidesHouse
Harding Academy Katherine ThomasAbigail HodgesHouse
Harding Academy Harper JacobsSenate
Harding Academy Narcissa BroomeReagan MillitanteHouse
Harding Academy Henry GattoRowen BeaulieuSenate
Springfield Middle School Sid SeigleLandon RobertsHouse
Harding Academy Susan McCarleyEleanor LampleyHouse
Harding Academy Sam AtlasSenate
Coopertown Middle Ella LaxSenate
Jo Byrns Middle School Gracie MagdanzLilly NelsonHouse
Coopertown Middle Aidan JoyceHouse
Harding Academy Neko MannesHouse
Harding Academy Ademi DaSilvaHouse
Harding Academy Will GloverBuren BradleySenate
Harding Academy Meg WinstonEvie FristMeghan AbramsSenate
Harding Academy Charlotte MikosSenate
Harding Academy Charlotte MikosSenate
Harding Academy Jimmy MurphyHouse
Harding Academy Mary CovingtonHouse