YIG Middle School Registration Status

Below you are able to see the YIG conference with which your school is currently registered. If you notice an error, please email Tyler Dorr

School Conference
SELECT ONE Nashville 1
SELECT ONE Nashville 2
SELECT ONE Nashville 3
SELECT ONE Dyersburg
SELECT ONE Chattanooga 1
SELECT ONE Chattanooga 2
SELECT ONE Not Currently Registered
Baylor School Chattanooga 1
Bellevue Middle School Nashville 1
Binghampton Christian Academy Memphis
Brentwood Academy Nashville 2
Brentwood Middle School Nashville 1
Brown Middle School Not Currently Registered
Brown Middle School Chattanooga 1
Cameron College Prep Nashville 1
CCE Not Currently Registered
CCE Not Currently Registered
Center for Creative Arts Chattanooga 1
Central Magnet School Nashville 2
Chattanooga Preparatory School Chattanooga 1
Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts Chattanooga 1
Christ Classical Academy Memphis
Cleveland Middle School Chattanooga 1
Collegiate Memphis
Cordova Tutorial Memphis
Covenant School Nashville 3
CSAS Chattanooga 1
CSLA Not Currently Registered
Currey Ingram Academy Nashville 2
Dalewood Middle School Nashville 3
Dalewood Middle School Chattanooga 1
Davidson Academy Nashville 1
Dyersburg Middle School Dyersburg
East Hamilton Middle Chattanooga 1
East Lake Academy Not Currently Registered
East Lake Academy Not Currently Registered
East Ridge Middle School Not Currently Registered
East Ridge Middle School Chattanooga 1
ECS Memphis
Episcopal School of Knoxville Not Currently Registered
Fairview Middle School Nashville 2
Grace-St. Lukes Memphis
Grassland Middle School Nashville 2
Harding Memphis
Harding Academy Dyersburg
Harpeth Hall School Nashville 3
Harpeth Middle School Nashville 2
Hawkins Middle School Nashville 2
Heritage Middle School Nashville 2
Hickson Middle School Not Currently Registered
Hillsboro Elementary and Middle School Nashville 1
Hixson Middle School Not Currently Registered
Hixson Middle School Chattanooga 1
Hunter Middle School Chattanooga 1
Hutchison Memphis
Knox Doss Middle School Nashville 2
Lake County Dyersburg
Lausanne Memphis
Loftis Middle School Not Currently Registered
Loftis Middle School Chattanooga 1
Lookout Valley Middle School Not Currently Registered
Lookout Valley Middle School Chattanooga 1
Mahaffey Middle School Nashville 2
Martin Luther King Magnet School Nashville 1
McCallie Middle School Chattanooga 1
Merrol Hyde Magnet School Nashville 3
Merrol Hyde Magnet School-B Nashville 2
Millcreek Middle School Nashville 1
MUS Memphis
Name Nashville 1
Normal Park Middle School Not Currently Registered
Northview Middle School Dyersburg
OLPH Memphis
Ooltewah Middle School Chattanooga 1
Orchard Knob Middle School Chattanooga 1
Page Middle School Nashville 2
Portland West Middle School Nashville 1
Prescott South Middle School Nashville 3
Pulaski Academy Nashville 1
Rucker Stewart Middle School Nashville 1
Saint Ann School Nashville 1
Saint Matthew Catholic School Nashville 2
Sale Creek Middle School Chattanooga 1
Schilling Farms Memphis
Signal Mountain Middle School Chattanooga 1
Soddy Daisy Middle School Chattanooga 1
South Lawrence School Nashville 3
Spring Station Middle School Nashville 2
St. Agnes Memphis
St. Francis Memphis
St. Georges Memphis
St. Marys Memphis
Station Camp Middle School Nashville 2
STEM Prep Academy Not Currently Registered
Stewart County Middle School Nashville 2
Sunset Middle School Nashville 2
T.W. Hunter Middle School Nashville 2
The McCallie School Not Currently Registered
Thompsons Station Middle School Nashville 2
Three Oaks Middle School Dyersburg
Tipton Christian Academy Dyersburg
Tyner Middle School Not Currently Registered
Tyner Middle School Chattanooga 1
University School of Nashville Nashville 1
Walter J. Baird Middle School Nashville 1
West End Middle Nashville 1
Westminster Academy Memphis
White House Middle School Nashville 1
White Station Memphis
Woodland Middle School Nashville 1